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Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 3 – Cisco IOS: Obtaining IP Interfaces and creating Loopback Interface

Continuing from my last post, I am moving onto creating an interface and network on this interface. For ...


Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 3 – Obtaining NTP and Updating NTP

Ansible Network Automation – Obtaining NTP config & Updating NTP config.


Ansible Learnings – Week 2

This week as I set about the motions to keep up my learning with Ansible and achieve my ...


Trend Micro – Network Security

As part of always ensuring I am aware and up to date with what vendors are doing out ...


Palo Alto – SD-WAN

I always knew it was coming… But Palo Alto have officially entered the SD-WAN market by delivering some ...


Cisco DevNet – Ansible Track

This week learning Ansible has also in many respects been a week learning some Linux basics, specifically Ubunut ...


First Delvings into the mines of Network Automation, thanks to the help of Cisco DevNet…

Hey guys, Finished last week my first learning track with Cisco DevNet. This track was focussed on getting ...

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