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IT Networking related posts and articles

Meraki Showcase – Building an SD WAN with Meraki and Azure

Hey everyone, I hope y’all had a great mothers day over the weekend, celebrating the other important half! ...


Project 1 – Ansible – Deploy New Network & Network Security – Stage 3 – Deploy VLANs to Cisco NX-OS Core Switch

Moving on from the success of the previous playbook, I now needed to deploy changes onto the 1 ...


Professional Development – Networking – How & where to get started on your journey with with NetDevOps (Networking as code).

My fellow network engineers, or people who like to do network related tasks as part of their current ...


Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 3 – Cisco IOS: Obtaining IP Interfaces and creating Loopback Interface

Continuing from my last post, I am moving onto creating an interface and network on this interface. For ...


Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 3 – Obtaining NTP and Updating NTP

Ansible Network Automation – Obtaining NTP config & Updating NTP config.


Trend Micro – Network Security

As part of always ensuring I am aware and up to date with what vendors are doing out ...


Palo Alto – SD-WAN

I always knew it was coming… But Palo Alto have officially entered the SD-WAN market by delivering some ...

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