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First Delvings into the mines of Network Automation, thanks to the help of Cisco DevNet…

Hey guys,

Finished last week my first learning track with Cisco DevNet. This track was focussed on getting you started with Network Automation and Programability. This track had a lot to learn and it was a great way to get started, I am looking forward to taking it for with the Ansible learning track. Check out the track here to get you started on the journey-

Kudos to Cisco for writing up a fantastically easy to read and absorb learning track. This track has already taught me so many basic and easy fundamentals to get me on my way with learning how to deploy network as code.

This week as part of my DevNet personal development I will working through the Ansible learning track on DevNet. I am looking forward to understanding how I could potentially manage network devices with Ansible. After that I think I will continue on my Python and REST API learning through Cisco DevNet and other sources.

If you weren’t aware already, Cisco have announced that there will be a DevNet certificate program as part of their certification revisions which come live as of Feb 20, 2020. There are many great changes which I won’t get into in this post regarding the changes Cisco are making in the certification world. However to check out the new CCNA in DevNet go here –

Get on over to Cisco DevNet guys and check it out, you will be amazed by all the great free content and also the access to free sandbox labs where you can put into practice the training in the tracks even without having the hardware yourself!

Also if you guys have any great resources to recommend on this topic please feel free to let me know and share here!

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