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I always knew it was coming… But Palo Alto have officially entered the SD-WAN market by delivering some key component functionality and cloud capabilities. By doing this Palo Alto have joined a plethora of companies offering SD-WAN product within their existing products.

This is a great boon for many enterprises which have adopted Palo network devices and Panorama but were yet on the sideline about SD-WAN or how they should implement it. Palo’s level of security and ease of management are top class and adding in SD-WAN capabilities should be seen as an icing on the cake for enterprises who are using these devices and were considering how they could roll out an SD-WAN to their major offices and/or smaller branch offices, whilst keeping their strong security policies.

I am still yet to see a demo myself, or play around with it but from reading about it and knowing the quality in Palo products, I am quite certain that deploying and managing SD-WAN at scale will be a breeze with Palo’s SD-WAN.

I am really looking forward to playing with it in a few weeks time when I can make some time for it or be able to get my hands on some sort of demo of it. Once I do I will share how I went with it and what I learned.

For further reading guys, I have included below links to a research brief from 451 and the datasheet from Palo for their SD-WAN product.

451 Research Brief

Palo Alto SD-WAN Product Datasheet

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