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Professional Development – Networking – How & where to get started on your journey with with NetDevOps (Networking as code).

My fellow network engineers, or people who like to do network related tasks as part of their current role. The future is coming slowly but surely, the future is networking as code. There are so many other people who have written so many good papers as to why this is the case and the natural trend is showing this is inevitable. There are of course so many varying degrees to this and every business use case that I am not going into here and it is not the point. If you are here reading this it is because you are interested in where to start.

So as I have said in other posts, you can go straight to the DevNet and start there, but if that is even too overwhelming a great group has started out of this to help people get started and have created YouTube videos showcasing devnet and the basics in how to get started.

I encourage you to watch these videos and then feel free to reach out to me or the team at Init6 for help, even if it is as basic as installing Python or Ansible for example.

Remember guys and gals – NEVER STOP LEARNING!

Blog Post from Cisco that introduced me to Init6

Basic Intro DevNet

#init6 – Episode 1 – Intro to DevNet

DevNet Primer YouTube videos

#init6 – Episode 2 – DevNet Primer – Part 1 – Getting Started

#init6 – Episode 2 – DevNet Primer – Part 2 – Labs, Videos and Sandboxes

#init6 – Episode 2 – DevNet Primer – Part 3 – The Exchanges & A Call to Arms!

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