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Trend Micro – Network Security

As part of always ensuring I am aware and up to date with what vendors are doing out there in terms of network security, I came across what looks to be a very strong product offering from Trend. They have a great underlying strategy and ethos for this product suite from what I am reading.

From my experience Trend has built a solid, reliable and effective solutions. I believe the steps they are taking here could be excellent for businesses who want to ensure a 360o security approach.

Too often we limit security to being a network thing, an end point thing, a web traffic thing. We think that security is about protecting bad guys immediately attacking us, but the biggest hacks of the last couple of years have been slowly built ones as the attacker built a beach head so to speak and since little scanning is done on the internal network, this breach head is more like a sapper digging under a wall!

With this in mind it is important to ensure we look continually checking our network, our devices, our servers, our workstations, our emails and our web browsers, plus much much more including the plethora of cloud based infrastructure!

From everything I am reading here with Trend, this product will certainly help you on your way to protecting your network. Whilst there are plenty out there, this one definitely worth checking out if you are on the look out for a stand alone network security device that can look internally rather than focussing on outside to in.

I have included below some of the brief documents that I read and found helpful in understanding this product offering from Trend. Hope this helps you in your progress to create secure, confidential and available networks!

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